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Tags at Technology Review blogs

I’m rereading this very nice post by Ed Boyden:

Technology Review: Blogs: Ed Boyden’s blog: How to Think

When I applied for my faculty job at the MIT Media Lab, I had to write a teaching statement. One of the things I proposed was to teach a class called “How to Think” which would focus on how to be creative, thoughtful, and powerful in a world where problems are extremely complex, targets are continuously moving, and our brains often seem like nodes of enormous networks that constantly reconfigure. In the process of thinking about this, I composed 10 rules, which I sometimes share with students. I’ve listed them here, followed by some practical advice on implementation.

I’d read that post before but only today I’ve noticed one puzzling thing about its tags. The most interesting ones, such as creativity, thinking, synthesis or simplicity, are attached only to this one particular post among all (dozen or two) blogs over at Technology Review. Apparently such topics are not what technology is all about.