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Nanobiotechnology should be mobile

It occured to me that whatever bionanotechnology is going to come to the market in the following years, it must consider mobile devices, especially mobile phones, as its platform. Upcoming technologies are already portable, just to name paper-based microfluidic analytical devices. We just only need to couple them with mobile phones and a computing cloud that will take care of data analysis and that seems to be only few steps away. Creating novel uses for mobile phones seems to be the goal of NextLab over at MIT. One of their projects is MoCA, a mobile diagnostics infrastructure. Here’re presentations about the project:

Moca Final Presentation from nextlab on Vimeo.

This is based on already existing technology. Blood or urine tests on mobile phones don’t seem to be light-years away. Sequencing human genome on the phone sounds like a nice next challenge for NGS technologies.