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Talking on Open Science at TEDxWarsaw

This is video of my talk on Open Science given at TEDxWarsaw on 5th of March 2010. Slides of this and other talks are available on Presentations page.

Talking about openness in science to non-scientists was a big challenge and I’m not sure I got it right. I hope to learn more from other speakers and from TEDx community how to shape the message it gets through more efficiently.

One reply on “Talking on Open Science at TEDxWarsaw”

  1. Hi Pawel,

    I really enjoyed your TED talk, thanks for posting. I'm a PhD student now and I while spending late nights analyzing data I'm not sure anyone but me will ever see, hearing your enthusiasm about deconstructing the artificial wall that separates 'scientists' from 'people' is heartening. I think that so-called 'citizen science' projects are so interesting and promising. However I think more needs to be done to give students the chance to contribute to a project external to their thesis. At the same time, students are struggling financially (well this is certainly true in North America, perhaps to a lesser extent in Europe). I think there is an opportunity for students to make use of their scientific 'cognitive surplus' in a way that will be of benefit to science and the student. I'm starting a web-based tool <a href="http:// (www.groundswellinnovations.com)” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(www.groundswellinnovations.com)” target=”_blank”>(www.groundswellinnovations.com) for this purpose. Any feedback is welcomed!

    All the best.

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