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Flow of time according to night photographs

After few years I’ve finally got back my old camera. I don’t have enough time yet to go out to do some serious shooting, so I’ve decided to try to shooting from the window, just to remind myself how to hold the camera again.

I have tried the standard late night shot, nothing spectacular (other than view from the 9th floor):
Night shot from the window

Next thing I’ve tried was zoomed in view on the street, to capture in detail the move of cars on the street. Here’s an example of such attempt.

Zoomed in shot from the window

I didn’t have a tripod –  if you have strong support (window in my case) and you hold your breath, handholding camera for couple of seconds can produce a reasonably sharp image even if you use focal lentgh of 300mm (at least for 6MPx sensor). I was shooting photo after photo standing on a couch, when my son came in and asked what I’m doing. I’ve told him about my long-time-no-see with a camera, adding that he should stand still on a couch, because jumping on it will produce blurry images. Of course it resulted in exactly opposite behaviour:

Blurry shot of flow

When reviewing the images I’ve realized that the last photo is exactly the flow of time I was trying to capture – but it represents the flow of time inside our heads. We go back in time or plan for the future in a chaotic manner in a way documented in Joyce’s Ulysses.

Of course I know that there are millions of almost identical photos out there. But sometimes you need to redo the obvious thing by yourself to discover something new about it.