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Open Data citation advantage

Quite recently my colleagues published a paper on genome-wide model of translation (in PLoS Computational Biology). They have used a number of different data, although in one case the data wasn’t available in the text or as a supplementary material – they needed to ask the other group for certain raw numbers from their experiment on ribosome profiling in yeast (published in Science). Data was shared promptly, so my colleagues could finish the project. They have cited original paper, plus they’ve expressed their gratitude mentioning data sharing in acknowledgements.

Because sharing data resulted in a citation, I wonder how long will it take for Open Data advocates to start using this “open data citation advantage” as an argument for sharing data?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for Open Foo, but I do get frustrated when “citation advantage” becomes a major or even the only point of going open. It’s obscuring debate on Open Foo and limiting it to the aspects only (some) scientists care about.

Must read: advantage, schmantage post by Bill Hooker on OA citation advantage.

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