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Launching a Polish fork of Science 3.0 portal

With the momentum gained after launching an aggregator of Polish science blogs, together with Mark we’ve decided to launch a Polish fork of Science 3.0 portal. It took significantly more work than the aggregator alone, but hopefully it was worth it. My hope is to create a common discussion space for people interested in an online and open science. We lack such space in Polish internet, but it looks like there’re already enough of them to expect a dialog not monolog.

The initial set of users are mostly PhD students attending my lectures on Science 2.0 (I give three lectures on practical aspects of internet revolution in science to PhD students of the Ochota campus – a separate blog post is on the way). There’s a requirement for them to have points awarded for attending these lectures – they need to register on the site, start a blog with at least one blog post, join the group on Science2.0/3.0 related issues and then collaboratively create a comprehensive notes from the lectures on the group’s wiki. Will it work? Let’s watch the work in progress – the last lecture I have is on November 8th.

One reply on “Launching a Polish fork of Science 3.0 portal”

  1. Great idea. Good luck, Paweł & Co.!

    It's good to engage students in writing blogs, eventually they'll do something useful 🙂 I must admit their posts are pretty interesting, like the "Łau (Wow) faktor"

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