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Coming back to blogging

It’s been almost three years since the last post here and so much had changed in between.

On the scientific front, I’ve entered biomedical field for good. I’m currently starting new line of projects on the systems dynamics of disease states of human organism. It does sounds cryptic, doesn’t it? Basically I’m working on medical conditions that at some level of abstraction are incarnations of butterfly effect. These are (of course) various cancers, but also sudden infant death syndrome. More on that really soon.

On the openness front, things got a bit hectic at some point, when after five years we’ve been essentially forced to close Systems Institute foundation. However, shortly after I was appointed as a president of Open Science Foundation – the organisation founded by my employer, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences. Finally, my open science activities are going to have their home. I will work mainly on developing further my idea that large scale citizen science projects can be funded by corporate social responsibility programs (more on that in separate post), but organisation as a whole will work on various aspects of merging scientific world and the real world under the hood of “openness”.

Brief posts now have their place at openlab.pawelszczesny.org (I treat it as laboratory notebook). Main blog will be devoted to longer pieces.