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I have two major roles in several fields:


Systems biology – I’m a research scientist at Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS where I study complex networks in several systems such as human red blood cell, pathogenic bacteria or yeast. My main projects are revolving around cell-wide signalling in different model organisms. I also spend a lot of time thinking about biocomplexity at molecular level, learn about complex adaptive systems and play with various ideas around these topics.

Bioinformatics/genomics – I’m an assistant professor at Warsaw University, where I teach bioinformatics and systems biology. I used to do sequence analysis of single proteins, including homology modelling, and build annotations pipelines for sequencing data. Now I’m focused on next generation sequencing applied to biodiversity studies. If you are really interested, here’s my publication list.

Understanding by seeing – I make scientific visualizations and shoot photographs at night. I create molecular graphics (my images released under Creative Commons license were used online by – among others – Scientific American, Wired, New York Public Radio and Discovery Magazine), generative art and lots of plots and mindmaps of different kinds.

Tactician, policy maker, advisor:

Open and Online Science – I’m an open science and online science advocate. I was blogging for over two years over at Freelancing Science (now closed, but kept online). I speak about Science 2.0 phenomenon, I teach about its various aspects. Working with UNESCO, Open Society Foundations and several Polish instiutions (for example, I was member of OA Commission of Polish Academy of Sciences) on Open Access and Open Science. Now I’m a President of Open Science Foundation, where I coordinate large project of building common infrastructure for commercial R&D, corporate social responsibility and open citizen science.

Systems R&D – I was a director of Systems Institute, small non-profit research organization. The mission of the Institute was to build social and technical infrastructure for advancement of science.

Start-up development – I’m advising officially and semi-officially to a number of startups, mostly on the marketing strategy and R&D.


Contact email is ps at this domain name.