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Coming back to blogging

It’s been almost three years since the last post here and so much had changed in between. On the scientific front, I’ve entered biomedical field for good. I’m currently starting new line of projects on the systems dynamics of disease states of human organism. It does sounds cryptic, doesn’t it? Basically I’m working on medical conditions […]

Systems Institute is officially supporting FigShare (backstage story)

You may or may not know that I’m the head of Systems Institute, non-profit research organization founded in 2009 in Poland. The Institute is located in Poland, but is operating internationally. There’s not much you can learn about this initiative, as we haven’t put up a real website yet (although there’s a placeholder). There was […]

From CC-BY to CC-Zero

I’ve never been satisfied with “attribution” part of Creative Commons licenses and obviously I’m not alone in this camp. The main issue is that while CC terms require attribution in the manner required by author, parties resharing the creative work rarely check these requirements. Frequently authors of images posted to Flickr complain that some high […]

Open Foo: sharing practice, social movement and technology

In the discussion under my recent post on incompatibilities between open source and open data Bill Anderson pointed out frequent confusion between “open source” and “free software”. He cited Richard Stallman’s essay which argues that open source is a software development methodology, while free software is a social movement. Building on that, Bill wrote that […]

Open science – campfire, formal knowledge acquisition or both?

Image via Wikipedia Recently I’ve stumbled upon this provocative post by Robert Paterson entitled Are Books Bad For Us?. Of course he doesn’t advocate to burn all books, but rather wonders whether books lower our ability to observe and think for ourselves. What catched my attention was the paragraph below: How did pottery get invented? […]