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From CC-BY to CC-Zero

I’ve never been satisfied with “attribution” part of Creative Commons licenses and obviously I’m not alone in this camp. The main issue is that while CC terms require attribution in the manner required by author, parties resharing the creative work rarely check these requirements. Frequently authors of images posted to Flickr complain that some high […]

Going beyond a single scientific journal or scientific community

Image by Rain Rabbit via Flickr I’ve written previously about an utopian idea of having one scientific journal and one scientific community. And while it’s hard to expect this vision comes true anytime soon, surprisingly we are getting closer to it day by day. Sciverse is currently excited about NPG launching new journal called Scientific […]

Launching a Polish fork of Science 3.0 portal

With the momentum gained after launching an aggregator of Polish science blogs, together with Mark we’ve decided to launch a Polish fork of Science 3.0 portal. It took significantly more work than the aggregator alone, but hopefully it was worth it. My hope is to create a common discussion space for people interested in an […]

Too many open loops or new type of science?

I guess all online scientists struggle to find a balance between a number of projects they are willing to commit to and a number of projects they are physically able to work on. What used to be the case for high-profile people (visibility increases number of interesting offers coming to you), it’s currently the case […]

Launching an aggregator of Polish science blogs

Launching an aggregator of Polish science blogs took less than six hours from an idea to the alfa state we have released to the public. It’s available at www.science3point0.com/bloginaukowe. Mark Hahnel, the admin of S3.0 portal, created the site, graphics, layout etc., while I’ve contributed the list of blogs and some translations to Polish. It’s […]