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Industry-funded open citizen science? Let’s try!

Last month I’ve updated my profile on LinkedIn to include the new job – the president of Open Science Foundation. This is a new organisation, founded by my employer, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Science. The mission is to promote and develop open science (more on that in another post), but […]

The evolution of selves by open citizen science

This post summarizes my current focus in area of open science. Whether concepts presented here could make their way into practice, that’s still to be seen. So, consider this a work in progress. I’m happy to be proven wrong, change my opinion or get myself sold into other ideas. On (open) science Science (like almost […]

Homeschoolers and open citizen science

I’ve recently attended a meeting of Polish homeschoolers. Homeschooling is not that popular in Poland as for example in US. One of the reasons is that it’s basically illegal in here to teach kids at home and a waiver is given only in special cases. Nevertheless there were ca. hundred parents there and I’m sure […]