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Science as a complex system – introduction

Image via Wikipedia Which complex system? Complexity theory, that is studying complex systems, is tracked back to 18th century with classical political economy of the Scottish Enlightenment, although the real pioneers of the field are 20th century’s philosophers, economists, mathematicians and social scientists. It’s a rather young field, but it already covers quite large number of topics (such as complex adaptive systems, chaos theory, non-linearity, emergence or self-organization) and which influences other fields of science, like biology, sociology or economics….

On mental inertia in the biological sciences

In the recent issue of Trends in Biological Sciences there’s an article by Alexander M. Shneider (yes, the one who also wrote “Four stages of a scientific discipline; four types of scientists“) entitled: “Mental inertia in the biological sciences“. Author defines mental inertia as … the basis that precludes a scientist from taking the most productive step and adapting the most frutiful line of reasoning available at the moment, with considerations of the current level of scientific methods, approaches and…